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Intake Age Group

As an Early Childhood Development Agency licensed preschool, we utilize the NEL Framework by Ministry of Education as a guide in curriculum development to make learning more fun and enjoyable for the little ones, we implement a theme based approach for our programmes. Complementing our core curriculum, we also have optional programmes for the little ones to discover their interests. The programmes will enhance the little ones' creativity, language development and confidence. We offer a low child to teacher ratio so that we can shower greater attention and supervision to our children and be more responsive to children's needs.


Playgroup/Nursery 1

Age Group – 18 Months to 3 Years old

Staff-Child Ratio – 1:8


Nursery 2

Age Group – 3 Years old to 4 yrs old

Staff-Child Ratio – 1:15

Kindergarten 1

Age Group – 4 Years old to 5 yrs old

Staff-Child Ratio – 1:20


Kindergarten 2

Age Group – 5 Years old to 6 yrs old

Staff-Child Ratio – 1:25

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