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Principal's Message

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Bumble Bee Child Care Centre has been operating in Woodlands since 1996. We firmly believe that a safe, supportive, conducive and nurturing environment where children can interact with one another as well as their teachers is important for their development.


Bumble Bee uses MOE’s Nurturing Early Learners curriculum as a guidepost in developing our own curricula. Our teaching methodology includes a thematic approach to age appropriate activities and lessons. Here in Bumble Bee Child Care Centre we also offer optional programmes from external vendors for topics such as Critical Thinking and Cartooning workshops outside of our lesson time to further inspire a passion for learning.


Mandarin is integrated into our programmes through activities, such as reading, storytelling, music and games.


Emphasis is given on being taught simple tasks progressively. This is also used to nurture them to discover and explore their world. This is also used to nurture young children to discover and explore the world. We believe in the provision of sensorial activities for our children to stimulate their senses. They are also exposed to art and musical instruments. The tireless efforts of our highly motivated, skillful and devoted teachers will bring the best in each child so that they can bring successful lives in a competitive global economy.


We use a holistic approach towards education for our Kindergarteners. Along with lessons, they will be given ample opportunities to showcase their creativity and express themselves in school. We are confident that our authentic learning experiences will help them to grow and reach great heights. At Bumble Bee Child Care Centre , we also place great emphasis on developing children’s character and we endeavor to provide each child with an adventurous childhood.  Bumble Bee aims to keep our children’s aspiration alive so that they can achieve the highest potential in life.


We value our relationships and connections with the community. We strongly believe that an essential partnership between the parents and teachers will bring out the best for the children. Together we can make a positive difference in the life of every Bumble bee kid.

Mrs P. Jaya

Founder of Bumble Bee Child Care Centre

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