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Our Approach In Shaping Our Bumble Bee Child

Here in Bumble Bee Child Care Centre,  we believe that there are 6 developmental domains requirements for a growing child. In our Child Care Centre, we use these 6 domains to develop our children to their fullest potential. 

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  1. Motor Development


Mastering both fine and gross motor skills are important for children’s growth and independence. Motor skills are skills that enable the movements we do on a daily basis. Motor skills and motor control begin developing after birth and will progress as children grow. Around the age of 3 to 4, children develop better upper body mobility. The continue to gain independence in dressing and undressing themselves and the continue to refine their eating skills.


For gross motor skills, children learn to use the big muscle groups of their body for example, walking, climbing kicking, dancing and running. These skills relate to body awareness, balance and strength. At Bumble Bee Child Care Centre we strongly believe in providing our children with all the above-mentioned experiences.


For fine motor skills, the learning of eye-hand coordination is the focus here. These skills are necessary to engage in smaller, more precise movements normally using hands and fingers. Colouring, writing, drawing tearing papers, painting and playing with Legos are all activities which reinforce this development and we promote these strongly.


2. Cognitive Development


This domain is the one that children develop in order to understand cause and effect. Cognitive development refers to the progressive and continuous growth of memory and it forms the foundation for many of the skills the child will later learn in life.


As children develop cognitively, their play will move from simple make-believe to plots involving more characters and scenarios. Children at play are solving problems, experimenting and learning all the time. We at Bumble Bee Child Care Centre support child’s cognitive development by allowing them to play simple board games like Snakes and Ladders and simple jigsaw puzzles and sorting toys by colour.


Developing the child’s curiosity can inspire them to dive into the subjects that interest them and cultivate background knowledge that will improve academic skills.


3. Language and Literacy


Bumble Bee Child Care Centre believes that language and literacy are very important in Early childhood development. In our early childhood classrooms we lay a very solid foundation for our children’s life long learning of language and literacy skills.


Language development involves the development of the skills used to communicate with others through languages. Language domain refers to elements of expression and articulation in communication. We read a lot of books, tell stories and describe daily events to children. By providing a language rich environment, we will be able to ensure high standards of efficient learning in our Centre. Singing is done too and this is also one of the best ways to promote literacy in our Centre. Moreover when we read stories to our pre-schoolers, we are teaching them about the sounds and structure of language and this in turn helps boost their oral language and vocabulary skills.


Our well-trained teachers use direct teaching and reading to increase vocabulary size and phonological awareness thus preparing our child for success

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4. Social/Emotional


We are all social beings. Kids learn what they see as parents. We are their very first example. Just by watching others interact children valuable social skills. Social Development refers to the child’s ability to make and maintain relationships with both peers and adults. Children learn to co-operate with others during early childhood and they slowly develop conflict resolution skills and handle peer pressure. At between the ages of 4 and 5, children show increased self-confidence and they develop respect for others. At Bumble Bee we ensure that our children develop empathy for others by asking them to share with their friends and give them chances to develop good manners and overall behaviour.


5. Discovery of the World


Children have a terrific and keen drive for exploration and discovery which continue to develop as they grow.


Discovery of the World broadens their knowledge and helps children acquire skills and understanding to make sense of the world around them. Multi-sensorial activities will be implemented in our Centre. We provide outdoors and life-long learning takes place when they engage in such activities, for example they can touch leaves or the bark of a tree and make texture rubbings to discover interesting patterns. They will develop positive attitudes towards the learning area and show care for the environment as they engage actively in exploration and discovery. A reverence for life will be taught.


 6. Aesthetics and Creative Expressions 


Art pertains to any form of artistic expression. Art and Craft provides children plenty of opportunities to develop and display their creative talents.

Children can draw, paint and explore with clay modelling or collages. Here at Bumble Bee Child Care Centre our Music and Movement programme encourages children to dramatize, to dance to music as well as sing along and express their creativeness. We allow our children to demonstrate their creativity hence celebrating our child’s uniqueness and self expression. Everyone can be exposed on how to think creatively and arts is the perfect way to start. Creative expression occurs when children are given plenty of opportunities to use their voices to sing and discover body movements through music.

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